Soylent White Smoothie Base

soylent white smoothie base

Soylent White Smoothie Base

There was a dystopian sci-fi movie in 1973 called Soylent Green.  It’s about a future where food resources are scarce, so the government develops a formula to feed the masses with a product called Soylent Green, a meal replacement shake of sorts.  Well, turns out *spoilers ahead*, Soylent Green was made of people!  Gross!  We won’t be using people in our recipe, but you get the idea: a simple recipe to fill your belly and keep you going until the next meal.

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Convenience Factor

You are busy. You know you need to eat something, but you don’t have an appetite.

Nothing sounds good.  Fast food makes you fat.

Make a smoothie that has the basic sustenance to revive you. You probably have all of the ingredients in your fridge.

I am so bad about eating breakfast in the morning.  I know I need to because breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”.  Yeah yeah, but I had to have my coffee and now I have no appetite.  I always regret this decision later because I end up hangry before lunchtime.

Being hungry causes you to feel agitated and makes it hard to focus.  I am the most productive in the morning, so I need to focus!

Even when I have no appetite, I can always chug a simple smoothie.

The Basic Recipe

Start with this smoothie base and you’re on your way to making any flavor smoothie.  It’s versatile enough that you can add just about anything to it to change the flavor, or drink it plain.

  • 8 oz any milk, more if you like a thinner smoothie
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • Ice optional

Add in your flavors

You can add any frozen fruits, honey, sweeteners, chia seeds, peanut butter, chocolate…

I love to add frozen strawberries or frozen mango, or both!  I avoid the frozen berry blends if they contain fruits with seeds.  I can’t stand fruit seeds in my smoothies.  It’s not smooth!

You can usually find huge bags of frozen strawberries for around $10 at your local grocery.  I prefer to use frozen fruit instead of fresh for two reasons: they don’t go bad for a long time, and they make the smoothie cold without using ice, or as much ice.

pink smoothie in a mason jar




High protein in both the yogurt and the protein powder

Low Fat, even better if you use a milk alternative

Potassium from the banana

You decide the sugar content.






Best Tasting, Affordable Protein Powder

I love Pure Protein Vanilla.  It’s reasonably priced, mixes really well, and doesn’t have a weird taste.

There are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.  I know a lot of people love a chocolate flavor, but I like to be able to mix and match flavors, so I prefer vanilla.

You can get this protein powder in a “natural” version and a “regular” version.  I find the regular one at Walmart and Sam’s, but I can never find the natural one except on Amazon.

A Blender Powerful Enough

I love the Ninja Pro.  You have to have a blender that is powerful enough to grind up ice, and frozen fruit.  There’s nothing worse than loading up your blender only to hear that dreaded hum of a motor that can’t move the blade.   The Ninja Pro is in a really nice price point too.

This blender not only comes with the blending pitcher, but also includes two “to-go” cups that you can blend in, remove and just take with you.  Um, yeah!  I’m in a huge hurry about would rather not rinse out the big pitcher, locate a clean cup with a lid, etc.  This is awesome because I just load the cup, blend it, and take it and GO.  YAS!

Nutritional Info

One scoop of the protein powder yields 23 grams of protein, plus the 18 grams of protein from the Greek yogurt, so if I can math good, that’s 23+18= 41 grams of protein per serving!  Whoa!

Your body can only absorb 25-35 grams of protein at once, so I don’t bother buying super expensive protein powders that claim 60 grams or more of protein.  I know that most of that protein will be wasted.

  • Protein Powder 23 grams protein
  • Greek Yogurt 18 grams protein
  • 41 total grams of protein per smoothie
  • WHOA!

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